Unlike conventional shredders, who tear the output material, with chippers you get a very homogeneous material. Furthermore, with the inclusion of specific grids, you get an even cleaner material. As a final result we get a perfect chip from biomass.


The bio-chipper UH 4800 presents the particularity to decide the size of the output material, if shredded or chipped, by an extremely simple and fast change of tools-shredding. Optionals such as post-shredding grid and the iron separator belt make the product output ever uniform and clean from metal particles.


The chipper Jensen is our proposal to customer looking for a suitable chipper to PTO shaft. The supply with the loading table tilting, along with the tandem chassis make the machine extremely compact and the drive shaft ensures reduced costs. The chipper Jensen is designed for chipping branches and logs up to a diameter of about 450 mm. Depending on the material and the operating power, it achieves a shredding capacity up to 35 m3 / h. The machine is also available in electric, diesel, crawler and wheeled version.