In 2010 we opened a plant of over 10,000 square meters in Badia Polesine which hosts all the headquarters of W. Ladurner Srl. Creating this new venue has allowed the company to have a better and closer contact with the customer and satisfy him at best.


After the big results of distribution of recycling machinery and loyalty of our customers, the W. Ladurner Srl presents in the province of Rovigo a multi-service center, where:

- there is a showroom for new and used machinery; 
- several times a year we will arrange for our clients a fair, where we will exhibit new machines and new recycling technologies;
- we supply spare parts for all machinery recycling treated in the Italian and German markets, with a delivery service to our customers in a few hours;
- we have a mechanical workshop and a technical indoor and mobile assistance;
- are carried out exceptional transport for recycling machines.